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Yaesu VX-7R Ham Radio Hand Held HT Transceiver Tri Band VHF UHF

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We find the most interesting Yaesu CB For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for Yaesu VX-7R Ham Radio Hand Held HT Transceiver Tri Band VHF UHF for sale on the Internet.

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Yaesu VX-7R Ham Radio Hand Held HT Transceiver Tri Band VHF UHF Picture(s) and Description:


Up For sale is a Yaesu VX-7r Handheld Ham radio. This is a Tri-Band HT and is an EXCELLENT Radio. It is in great shape with only some slight wear on it. It includes 2 antennas, 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries with a drop in charger (only fits batteries). Has a wall power adapter as well. Has great audio and hate to let it go! Works Perfect! e-mail me with any questions!THE WORLD'S FIRST SUBMERSIBLE AMATEUR HAND-HELDProtected against water ingress by a wide array of rubber gaskets and other weatherproofing techniques, the VX-7R is rated for 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of 3 feet (JIS-7), plus a tough magnesium body with rubber bumper pads, making it ideal for outdoor use. Plus you get Dual Receive, 50/144/430 MHz operation plus wide-band receive coverage, a full color status indicator Strobe, and an "Internet" key for quick access to the exciting new WIRES™ repeater-internet linking system.Unmatched WeatherproofingThe VX-7R case, keypad, speaker, and connectorts are carefully sealed to protect the internal circuitry against water damage. And the optional CMP460A Speaker/Microphone, like the transceiver itself, is rated for 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of up to three feet.The VX-7R is available in both Silver (VX-7R) and Black (VX-7RB) versions. 50/144/430 MHz: 5 Watts of PowerUtilizing a reliable FET power amplifier circuit, the VX-7R provides a full 5 Watts of power output on the 50, 144, and 430 MHz Amateur bands, with bonus coverage of the 222 MHz band at 300 mW . And for 6-meter AM enthusiasts, you also get 1 Watt of carrier power on the 50 MHz band. Four power levels may be selected, each offering its own degree of battery conservation. Dual ReceiveThe VX-7R is capable of four modes of Dual Receive, including simultaneous reception of (1) two VHF frequencies; (2) two UHF frequencies; one VHF and one UHF frequency; or one "general coverage" frequency and one "Ham" frequency. And you can set up the VX-7R to reduce the audio level on the "Sub" band, if you like, when a call is received on the "Main" band. The Most Memories EverSporting the most memory capability of any Amateur transceiver, the VX-7R includes over 900 memory channels, yet access is simple and intuitive, thanks to the 8-character labeling capability. These memories include 450 "regular" memories, 10 "One-Touch" memories, 40 programmable band-edge-limit memories 12 "Home" channels, 10 Weather Band memories, 89 Shortwave Broadcast preset memories, 280 Marine channels, and 10 "Hyper" memories that store complete transceiver configuration data. The Most Dazzling Display EverNo Amateur transceiver has a display that even compares to the VX-7R's 132 x 64 dot matrix disaply. Providing clear, easy-to-read indication of both the Main and Sub band frequencies, operating mode, and S-meters for both bands, the display includes an unparalleled array of graphical and pictorial tools that make operation a breeze.


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